Senior Associate Pastor, Temple Administrator - Rev. Wanda C. (N.C.)Outlaw A native of Washington, D.C., a mother and grandmother, and a Priest in the African-American Catholic Congregation’s Imani Temple, where they celebrate God as a Catholic expression of the Christian Faith. She is the Senior Associate Pastor and Temple Administrator.

Reverend Wanda is a national trainer and motivational speaker. She has presented workshops at the Office of Personnel Management, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and General Services Administration. Her workshops include: self-esteem, telephone techniques, individual development planning, KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities), stress management, team building, attitude adjustment, and professional image. She has designed and presented workshops for FEW (Federally Employed Women Executives) entitled, “Diamonds Are Forever” and “A Career of a Lifetime”. As a motivational speaker Reverend Outlaw has been invited to numerous federal agencies, churches, and local organizations. She has performed her poetry at various schools, community centers, government agencies, churches, and local social clubs throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

As a published author her books include: “In The Fulfillment” and “Three Mountains and A Voice”. She composed a meditation booklet entitled “I Am Meditation Guide” based on Archbishop Stallings book, “I Am…living in the rhythm of the god within in the key of g minor”. Her upcoming book is entitled, “It Began with a Prayer”.

Reverend Outlaw has preached in various churches throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. She was one of several women preachers on a local tour with Women Uplifting Women Ministries led by the illustrious Dr. Addie Robb. Reverend Outlaw has been a guest preacher on The Spiritual View for radio and cable television. She has developed and facilitated weekend women’s retreats. She developed and delivered an empowering workshop for youth entitled “Anointed Life Workshop.” Give her a concept and she will design a course to your specifications.

Reverend Wanda Outlaw’s dream has been to minister to God’s people who are in need of social services and pastoral care so she created Dynamic Crossroads whose vision statement is: “In place to guide you to your purpose.” The most prominent contribution thus far is the “Socks and Sandwiches” Project where volunteers go out into the D.C. streets in the winter months and hand out socks, sandwiches, blankets, coats, as well as an encouraging word to the homeless.

Reverend Outlaw knows that God did not call denominations; He called people to be like Him and to serve His people no matter what their station in life. This is why she exists.

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