Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., George Augustus Stallings, Jr. is the Archbishop and Founder of an autonomous, independent and African-centered Catholic Church, known as Imani Temple under The African-American Catholic Congregation, headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Imani Temple saw its genesis on July 2, 1989. Archbishop Stallings also serves on the Executive Board of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, an inter-religious and interracial coalition in America and the President and CEO of SKS Press, a publishing company in Suitland, Maryland.

Stallings is an explosive author, speaker, preacher and a charismatic evangelist with engagements that have spanned the country, from Harvard University to Howard University, and from West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, California, to the Greater Allen Cathedral in Jamaica (Queens), New York. He is the author of the acclaimed and explosive book: “I Am…living in the rhythm of the god within – in the key of g minor,” published by SKS Press. Currently, he is writing a children’s book entitled, “I’m a lil g,” as well as his autobiography, “Confessions of a Renegade Priest.”

Featured on international television and radio programs, and in print media, since the founding of Imani Temple, Stallings’ appearances included the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 50 Minutes, the Phil Donahue Show, CNN, the British Broadcasting Network (BBC) and the Mario Constanza Show in Rome, Italy. His radio highlights included airtime on the Diane Rhem Show, National Public Radio and Radio One. The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The African Times are a few of the major newspapers that have published featured articles about Archbishop Stallings. His historic break away from the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of The African-American Catholic Congregation’s Imani Temples are listed in the 1990 Encyclopedia Britannica.

A native of New Bern, North Carolina, Stallings is the oldest of six children born on March 17, 1948, to George and Dorothy Stallings. On May 27, 2001, Stallings was blessed in marriage to Sayomi Kamimoto, a native of Okinawa, Japan. George and Sayomi Stallings are the proud parents of two sons, Shin Young George Augustus Stallings, III, born on April 15, 2002, and Young Pal Marcus Mosiah Stallings, born on March 15, 2004, in Washington, DC.

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