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What Visitors Should Expect At Imani Temple

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Membership at Imani Temple

Psalm 92:13 says, “Those that are planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of our God.”
In other words, those who are committed to Imani Temple will prosper. They will grow. Just as a plant must be
rooted in the ground to grow, you must be planted in the local church.

Imani Temple membership is affirming your commitment to a part of the Body of Christ.
As believers in Jesus, we care called to live in a community, and becoming a member of a church is a great first step.

Here at Imani Temple, we believe what the scripture says when it refers to us as members of the Body of Christ.
Every member has a different function and every member’s function is important (I Corinthians 12:27; Romans 12:3-5).
Imani Temple membership has a two-fold purpose: giving and receiving.

Here are some life-changing benefits of Imani Temple membership:

  • Family & Friends- Life-long relationships are developed as a result of a Imani Temple membership. You may already have a close-knit family. Having an extended family will only enrich your life.
  • Love & Acceptance- Imani Temple is the best place for those who feel like they never quite fit in anywhere else. Jesus welcomed with open arms those who had been rejected. We follow His example.
  • Belonging & Community- Belonging to Imani Temple body provides interactions with other people and creates a social community. That social community can quickly become your support system.
  • Opportunity to Make Difference- Imani Temple believes in serving. We serve one another and we serve our community through a number of outreach opportunities. These are opportunities to reinforce the Christian call to help other people.
  • Personal Development- We are all on a journey of personal, spiritual and ethical development. We offer church leadership, discipleship and spiritual development and growth.
  • Interdependence- Our Christian life cannot be lived independent of other Christians. We need one other.

    How Do You Become a Member?

    God made salvation a simple process for those who desire it.
    Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
    you will be saved.” Getting saved is that simple.
    We have made membership equally as simple ask ANY Imani Temple Usher

    Worship Services

    Imani Temple conducts an Early Worship Service at 8:00 a.m. and a regular worship service at 10:30 a.m.
    During mid-week on Wednesday, we welcome all to join us for Wednesday Services - Bradshaw Wednesday Noon & 6:30pm Bible Study
    Hip Hop Friday - 7:30pm Youth Self-Knowledge Service

    Past Sunday Services Are On-Line Here

    You The Visitor
    Please Introduce Yourself To Our Greeter
    We want to recognize our guests and hope you won’t mind, and allow Imani Family to show you are welcome
    We want you to feel like our very special guests and may ask you to stand and introduce yourself. On Sunday,
    upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by our Greeters Ministry and later receive a visitor’s card from our Usher Ministry.

    Come as you please as long as you come with a heart and mind to worship.
    We want you to feel at ease and be comfortable. You’ll find our dress code from Sunday best to casual.

    Sunday Bulletin - Community News - Church Annoucements

    We Invite You and Your Family To Come Join
    Our Loving Church Family And Praise The Lord With Us!

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